my fingers are literally crossed rn, omg i need to go to her house tomorrow that is an absolute must and telling me not to go there tomorrow will be the worst of you fuck. i mean like literally, please. huhu 😦 i really neeed toooo gooo there!! anyways, i am really excited to go tomorrow, but i had this feels that it will be postponed. mom and dad has an appointment tomorrow and my lil’ brother needs a company, well. fuck you cruel world. just. please. let. me. go. please. 😦

pray for me guys! 😦 xoxo have a nice day :(:



guess my heart is about to retire, i am so tired understanding. 😦 i can’t anymore. but then, i am willing to give —- another chance bc you know duh. but if that chance broke again, well its not my problem. —- will definitely lose me. hekhek. so that’s for today, i am so tired, so confuse, so disappointed idk what to do anymore. ok bye.



Lying to a girl is such a big mistake, don’t make her investigate it. Now, i just realized you lied to me, i was scrolling through ——– and i saw your name on the sidebar gad, you just said you are about to sleep but then after 38 minutes you are online. THAT JUST PROVED YOU LIED. Also, i talked to your friends and they just said you chit-chatted with them, few minutes ago! what the actual fuck is that?! so minus one point bruh. minus one. you just idk

okay bye


ok. i just got home from school and it was ruined. teachers keep telling us the requirements, (( which is totally a piece of shit )) and these requirements are really really really annoying, why not let us be free and spend time with our bruhs, gad. school year is almost ending and they are like ; no no, summer is about to start so imma give you a lot of work to do bc i don’t want you to be happy. ; so yea that is a piece of crap. but then, anyways, have a good day guys. xoxo


so yes, i ship spoby, everybody does! so here’s the thing, spoby is pure perfection. agree with me bc why not? it is a true fact. troian and keegan allen makes the best couple. so i finally watched pretty little liars, and i loved it now i’m about to watch season 2 episode 9 and it literally makes my heart go up and down, seeing this two beautiful creatures. so yes, i am guessing, -A is Jenna but they say -A is not only a one person, it is a team, why would they even scare this girls?  now i am confused. he he.

“.. two liars under the same roof ..”

-A wrote this one, ok i am confused again ; hanna, emily, aria and spencer under the same roof, (( hanna’s house )) so two of them are liars. confusingggg!



Hello again, WordPress!

so i am not a first timer, so i am grateful that i am back here. (( first blog did not work, srsly. )) so yes moving on, i will be posting everyday, ok not everyday, but i will try to post often. so, i don’t even care if you care but pls bitches don’t need to hang around my blog. this is mine not yours and it is not my problem. so yes. i am back that’s it. bye

suddenly logs off 🙂 jk